Swissgarde is an African company that makes Herbal products for health and beauty. Swissgarde products harness the best of nature’s indigenous herbal remedies and natural medicines, to promote a trusted and safe range of superior products that:

Renew by supporting key processes in the body.
Fortify body cells by adding natural defense mechanisms.
Protect the body and help to prevent disease the natural way.
Repair and correct any health challenge which are not emergency in
Replenish the body with key nutrients.
Derived from plants.

Most of Swissgarde’s key ingredients are derived from plants that healers and herbalists have been using for centuries. We have sourced the purest, highest quality natural ingredients from the open planes of the savannah, across the vast Kalahari desert to Africa’s lush tropical forest. The company has a compensation plan with which it rewards distributors who recommend the products to people


We invite you to join our business today. We invite you to a world of limitless possibilities.
Network marketing is the business of the new century. It is one major way of becoming rich within a short period of time.
The reason is not far-fetched. Your rewards are based on the cumulative efforts of yourself and whole lot of people you know and don’t know, who have formed your team.
Please note that Swissgarde will never promise you get-rich-quick. It is gradual but your rewards are sure, quick and increase as long as you are consistent.
Swissgarde is one company that has the best compensation plan for its distributors at the moment in Nigeria. The plan gives you the opportunity to earn as high as you wish.
The secret is this: the more active distributors in your team, the more money you make.



International trips swissgarde has sponsored her distributors on

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